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Differences Between Child and Adult Orthodontics

By June 15, 2022Articles
Adult VS. Child Braces

Braces are still one of the most frequent and effective procedures for treating bite issues and misaligned teeth for both children and adults. Also, adults are becoming more interested in them because of the many options accessible nowadays.

Braces accomplish the same thing regardless of age: they move and straighten teeth and correct bite problems. But what are the differences between child and adult orthodontics? Well, today we will share them with you.

Young Woman Getting BracesAdults Have Fully Developed Teeth

One of the most significant differences between orthodontic treatment for adults and children is that adult teeth and jaws are completely developed while children’s teeth and jaws are still growing. It is easier to make alignment changes to the teeth and jaws of younger patients since they are still in the process of oral growth.

Adults’ bones have calcified, and the tissues around their teeth have settled into their current positions by the time they reach adulthood. The process of realignment is made a little more difficult by these conditions, which are referred to as biomechanical limits.

Past Tooth Extractions

Several adults have had one or more teeth extracted before, which can sometimes cause orthodontist problems. Unless old extraction sites are restored with sections of prosthetic bone, they may not be viable places for teeth to shift into. Because adult bone does not respond to pressure in the same way that developing bone does, closing gaps between teeth produced by extractions – and keeping them closed – can sometimes be challenging.

Bite CorrectionYoung Boy Getting Braces

Correcting a malocclusion or inadequate bite is one of the most common reasons patients seek orthodontic treatment. In an older patient with a deep overbite, there is generally not enough space in the mouth to make room for the teeth to shift back without removing one or more teeth.

The orthodontist has additional possibilities to fix the bite in children and teenagers. The jaw will commonly respond to aligners and dental appliances. In the case of adults, the orthodontist may decide to fix the bite. Rather than aiming for perfection, the goal is to restore your smile as much as the conditions allow.

Adults’ Reaction to Braces

A great benefit that adults have when it comes to braces treatments is experience. Before scheduling a visit with an orthodontist, most adults have a good idea of what to anticipate. Previous dental procedures provided the information and exposure. And they can be relaxed and willing, which makes the procedure easier.

Children, on the other hand, are more hesitant to seek care. When working with children, an orthodontist may have to use a different approach.

Orthodontic treatment can vary significantly between children and adults, as you can see, but if you are an adult looking for braces, don’t worry! Although they may seem a little more difficult to work with older people, they’re nothing that good orthodontic practice cannot handle. Such as Invisalign and Braces in Buena Park. Here we are experienced and trained to handle any orthodontic treatment. We will work with you to provide you with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today!

Max Sanchez