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Metal Braces Vs Ceramic Braces: A Closer Look

By July 16, 2022September 13th, 2022Articles
Metal Braces Vs Ceramic Braces: A Closer Look

Orthodontic patients now have a variety of metal and ceramic choices to select from (not to mention clear aligners). While this is unquestionably a good thing because it allows for more individualized care, we also realize that patients may find it a bit confusing sometimes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look to better understand the options available.

Metal Braces

The time-honored metal braces are still the most popular treatment for many people. They’re an effective and affordable way to straighten your teeth. But what about if you’d like a different look for your braces? Metal braces come in many different styles and designs, and some may be more appropriate for some cases. Let’s look at these options and how they compare.

Traditional metal braces are made of brackets that are attached to the teeth. Each one is connected to the archwire with small rubber bands or metal ties. The orthodontist tightens the brackets to move the teeth into the proper position. Self-ligating braces also use trap-door technology to keep the wire from coming undone. Another style of metal braces is known as lingual braces. It is inserted behind the teeth, so the brackets can’t be seen.

Ceramic Braces

Unlike very noticeable metal braces, ceramic braces are nearly invisible. They function similarly to metal braces but are made of tooth-colored materials that mimic the color of the teeth. Ceramic braces have clear wires and brackets, making them the preferred choice of patients who aren’t interested in Invisalign or lingual braces. This option is also less noticeable and more convenient for patients who want to avoid the embarrassment of constantly worrying about their appearance.

When deciding which braces to choose, it is important to understand what each type will cost. This is because traditional metal braces typically cost cheaper than ceramic braces. Depending on the severity of your orthodontic problem, your insurance may cover some of the cost of ceramic braces.

Which Is Best for You?

The best option will mainly depend on the situation in terms of the care and the cost when deciding between metal and ceramic braces. It’s best if you consult with an expert. Schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options with our knowledgeable and friendly team. Contact us today!

Max Sanchez