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Tips for Teaching your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

By October 27, 2020August 8th, 2023Uncategorized
Tips for Teaching your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

As a parent you worry about your child; but worrying about what sugars they are putting into their mouths shouldn’t be something that you need to stress over. One of the most challenging tasks as a parent is teaching your children good oral health and hygiene. Kids can be ever so forgetful and brushing and flossing can seem like chores to children.

Diet is a Major Playing Card

Sure you can keep your children away from sugar but can you keep the sugar away from your kids? Sugar masks itself in the most inconspicuous foods that are delicious snacks. Just because it’s a strawberry and it’s a fruit doesn’t mean it’s not pack full of sugars that can be extremely harmful for your teeth is not property taken care of. However, did you know that cheese can also help fight off cavities? Swiss, mozzarella, Monterey jack, and cheddar all stimulate the salivary glands which help wash away plaque-causing foods.

Ensure your Child is Getting Sealants over Their Fillings

Sealants are a clear coating that is places on-top or in the grooves of your child teeth to prevent any type of decay. As much as we want to admit our kids are perfect little brushers, we know they’re not brushing as well as they could or should be. Sealants can do wonders for children who are struggling to brush every one of their teeth at every angle and can be extremely beneficial to the child’s teeth in the future.

Floss, Floss, Floss

Now as adults we know how detrimental flossing is to our overall oral health and can the make or break of a healthy smile. Often enough we are guilty of letting our children skip out on flossing every day. Flossing is one habit that should be started as early as possible and not treated as a chore as this can be one of the most important things to maintaining your child’s healthy smile.

Using the Right Toothbrush

Toothbrushes can some in all different shapes, sizes and other varieties but the best and most efficient toothbrushes for children are the soft bristled brushes marked with ADA approved on the packaging. Replacing your brush every 3 months is extremely important as a toothbrush that is long overdue for a replacement can start to irritate your gums and even make them bleed. Understanding the correct and incorrect way to brush your teeth is something that should be explained when your children first start brushing their teeth on their own. Incorrect brushing can make your child’s life just a little bit harder than it needs to be.

Having a healthy smile and good oral hygiene is extremely important- especially in children who are just starting to create the habit. Call Orthodontic Center of OC for your free consultation to see our Pediatric dentist, today!

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